Owning in Paris

property in any of the world's great cities is a "safe harbor" investment, with the added benefit of creating a getaway opportunity that will appeal to you, extended family, friends and business associates regardless of season, age or taste.

Paris takes these qualities to their highest level. In addition to its wellknown history, architecture, cuisine and culture, Paris is also a leading international center for trade shows and exhibitions, performing and visual arts, and shopping. It is for good reason that France is the leading tourist destination in the world, drawing over 80 million international visitors each year, including 30 million who sojourn in the City of Light. By contrast, the United States draws only 50 million annual foreign visitors, and its most visited city, New York, draws only about 8 million. Considering its beauty, quality of life and visitor amenities, Paris real estate is a bargain compared with other world-class cities. Moreover, Paris property has not experienced the "bubble" currently bursting in the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States.

Walks along the Seine River, visits to Notre Dame, the historic Marais district and the quintessential Latin Quarter appeal to all those who come to Paris.

Pavillon Richelieu

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