About Glenn M. Cooper

Glenn Cooper 
is originally from Long Island, NY, USA. He graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1991 and moved to Paris after accepting a position as a financial analyst for Citibank.

His career then lead him to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development where he implemented and managed a number of programs used to analyze member country financial markets and foreign direct investment flows.

His knowledge about Paris real estate grew as a result of his personal investments and his advice to others who purchased Paris property with his assistance. He owns and manages one of Paris’ flagship short-term vacation rental agencies (Rentals in Paris, LLC) as well as his own consulting practice specialized in purchasing Paris property (website: www.paris-aparts.com).

His knowledge of the Paris real estate market, and precise knowledge of managing the processes involved in developing Paris property are key elements to the success of his numerous projects over the years.

Eiffel tower, Paris

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