Simple and elegant fractional ownership

As one 
of the owners of our upscale fractional ownership properties, you will select a specific, permanently assigned usage period during which the residence will be exclusively yours for as long as you own the property. You may choose four consecutive weeks, or two periods of two weeks each. During your usage period, you may use your Paris home yourself, or offer it to your family, friends or business associates.

You will arrive in Paris each time, to find your apartment arranged specifically, based on any requests you have made prior to your stay in your apartment.  Daily maid service is available and access to our concierge will enable you and your guests to focus on making the most of every moment in Paris, while still enjoying the intimacy, familiarity and security that comes with staying in your own Paris residence.

Owning a part of our selected Paris properties will put your vacation lodging dollars to work in one of the world’s most insulated and secure property markets. Moreover, buying fractionally offers significant advantages compared with whole ownership:


  • Buying Only What You Will Use:

Statistics show that most people visit their vacation properties four weeks or less each year. Fractional ownership avoids wasting precious resources buying more than you need. You pay only a fraction of the costs of acquiring, renovating, furnishing and outfitting the apartment. Later, you share operating costs such as taxes, insurance, utilities, and maintenance, all without the inconvenience and potential damage associated with renting the property when you’re not there.

  • Letting An Expert Do The Legwork:

Renovating, furnishing and outfitting a Paris apartment is difficult and timeconsuming. The normal challenges of finding and supervising contractors, sourcing design professionals and materials, and responding to the new problems that are discovered each day, are only amplified by the barriers of language and distance. Allowing a locally based expert to do this for you lowers costs, improves results, and makes your life easier.

  • Preserving Your Property:

Managing a Paris apartment demands familiarity with the language, and resources and contacts that take years to develop. It is either time-consuming (if owner-managed) or expensive (if professionally managed). If it is ignored, you may well arrive to find deterioration, damage, or theft. With fractional ownership, first-class management becomes cost-effective.

Parisian street scene

  • Having A Great Trip Every Time:

Imagine coming home to a familiar place on each Paris visit, a place where you know where to find everything you need. Add in the privacy, intimacy and exclusivity of owning a residence that is totally one-of-a-kind, not part of a large resort or hotel complex. Combine all that with the service and support you expect from a first-class hotel, and you will have the unique package that can only be found through single-unit fractional ownership.

  • Owning Multiple Getaways Without The Guilt:

Pick your favorite destinations, the places you visit again and again, want to be a part of, want to pass on to your family, and envision owning a home in each of them. While some could afford to own a well located, spacious and comfortable home in each of their special places, many find this dream out of reach, and many of those who could afford it would view it as an extravagant luxury. With fractional ownership, the dream is both within reach and practical.

  • Diversifying Investment Risk:

Today, more than ever, prudence governs investment decisions. Allocating too many resources to one investment type, one location or one currency increases risk in an already risky world. By tying up fewer resources in vacation property, fractional ownership frees funds to be held in reserve or invested elsewhere, spreading exposure and opportunity among different currencies and economies across the globe.

  • So why isn’t this just a timeshare?

Your fractional ownership can be gifted, inherited, or sold freely at any time. You will own the property rather than just membership or usage rights, allowing you to benefit directly from market appreciation. The relatively small size of the owner group will create a much closer connection between the owners and the property, translating into a higher standard of care for the property by owners during stays. And although the daily headaches of management will be delegated, you will retain ultimate control over the level of services, condition of the property, and amount of dues.

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